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this is Myggen surf school


Surf and surrounding

Did you know that the area of Stavanger and its surroundings have to offer plenty of stunning beaches, with perfects setups for the practice of surfing and SUP? Not to mention the beautiful Stokkavannet and the historical Harfrsfjord. 


We always choose the best locations for our students, living in Rogaland means to live in extreme weather conditions. This is why we like to have more than one option to do our surf and SUP lessons. 


It is never too late!!

Beautiful surfing swell in Stavanger, Norway
Norwegan surf van with surf boards on top

about me



I began to surf at the age of 16 in the area of Puerto Vallarta, on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico...

Visual overview over mexico and cool spots

but it wasn't until I was 21 and I moved to one of the best places to surf world class waves on the south Mexican coast of Michoacán that I fell in love with the sport.

I worked for many years as a surf instructor and surf guide in Mexico. In 2015 I moved to Randaberg, Norway and in 2016 I became one of the few surf instructors in Norway with a certification from international Surfing Association (


Surf Lessons



Surf Coach


Our qualified instructors do both private and group lessons for people of all ages.

We start with theoretical instruction about paddle and pop up techniques on the beach, and after a fast demonstration by the surf instructor everybody gets in the water to tryout the techniques of pop up and paddle in small surf conditions. Back on the beach we’ll set focus on surf ethics and rules, followed by the last session in the water.



Wetsuit, Boots, Gloves UV protection, Soft top, Surfboard, Leash.


Private Lesson: 1.500kr (2 hours)

Group Lesson: 750kr per person (4 hours)

The SUP adventure day is an introduction to the Stand Up Paddle board (SUP). The participants will learn and practice the Stand Up Paddle techniques on the SUP in shallow waters, with the help of our ISA certified instructors. After  practicing in shallow water and feeling comfortable on the SUP (15/ 20 minutes) all the participants will take a beautiful guided tour across the blue clean waters of Jæren. We teach anyone from a 8 year old child to a 70 year old looking for something new to enjoy. We promise to make it fun. Within fifteen minutes you are paddling along happily and becoming addicted to this awesome sport.

We do our SUP lessons in different areas of Stavanger and Randaberg. Depending on weather conditions and wind direction.

To mention some of our favorites:

1. Stokkavannet (the largest and cleanest lake in Stavanger)

2. Hafrsfjord, the place where King Harald I Fairhair unified Norway after he defeated all of his enemies in 872 a c.(Stavanger).

3. Sande stranda (Randaberg) a beautiful little bay with emerald green, clear water and fine sand beach.



Wetsuit, Boots, Life jacket, SUP board, Paddle, Certified coach.


400kr per person (2 hours)

Surf coaching sessions have focus on positioning in the lineup, wave negotiation techniques, paddle technique and wave/current understanding.



Surfboard, Wetsuit, Boots, Gloves, ISA certified surf coach.


500kr (1 hr 30 min)


Ready to get surfing?

Feel free to contact us here!

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Cool surf van in Norway

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